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Hp tuners pro wideband hookup

hp tuners pro wideband hookup

much snappier sample rate. The formula will be: volts / (5/10) 10 AFR or, (volts /.5) 10 AFR, since HP Tuners Scanner will be using the EGR or AC Pressure switch to get its readings from, we need to add that into the formula. If set to read from 8 22 AFR, the range will be 14, etc. It is best to copy/paste this formula. Located: (PID List/System/AC/AC Pressure (V) - AFR - AFR Error - AFR Commanded Last edited by 'vette phase; at 12:37.

Wideband general information and hookup - HP Tuners Bulletin Board HP Tuners mpvi2/ AEM Wideband Bundle The Tuning School Video: Setting Up HP Tuners To Log Your obdii AEM X-Series

Includes HP Tuners mpvi2 and AEM X-Series Wideband. From.55.00; 0- 5V Ou tput Gasoline values from.5:1.0:1 AFR (Requires Wiring). Taking the first generation mpvi, to the next level, with the Pro Feature Set allowing you. Of setting up HP Tuners to read your AEM X-Series wideband usi.

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Attention: In Editor (Engine/General), you have to enable EGR. Click the next to User Defined to open the drop down list Double click Configure User Defined to open Configure User Defined Parameters Click on one of the numbers with undefined next to it For Name put the name of your choice, say, Air Fuel. Insert, this will open the Insert PIDs display Here you will see PID List, AUX Input List and User Defined. Volts the voltage that the wideband 02 sensor is putting out to the EGR wire. And finding the right air/fuel ratio to produce the best power at the right cylinder temperature is commonly achieved with a high quality wideband oxygen sensor and controller, like. AEMs new X-Series wideband eliminates this sample rate handicap by ditching the serial connection as the primary data source, and instead utilizing an obdii pass-through connection to eliminate unnecessary wires and increase the sample rate ten-fold. Voltage range typically 5v (0-5v some people use the narrowband 02 input (not recommended) which is 1v (0-1v). You will have to set up a formula to change the voltage (0-5v) into your AFR wideband reading. On vehicles that come with an EGR (Camaro's, etc.

hp tuners pro wideband hookup